Lucky Ali : O Sanam | ओ सनम | Album - Sunoh (1996)

Still remember watching this video on television as a small kid in 1996 and it captivated me..didn't knew what it was, then...but clearly know what it was, now...brilliance of Lucky Ali..always ahead of his times. I remember people were shocked that such a beautiful song had come from the Indian Music scene. It was unbelievable music vid. I remember that Sajid Khan saying ...
" Lucky you are very lucky but i am very Shakki " ..everyone wanted to know from where this song is copied. But it was an original and beautiful composition. And about the music video many music vids you forget after a while. This isn't one of them. And the girl in veil in this video is the wife of Lucky Ali. And just for your information It stayed on the MTV Asia Charts for 60 weeks.

Lucky Ali O Sanam Lyrics & English Translation

शाम सवेरे तेरी यादें आती हैं
आके दिल को मेरे यूँ तड़पाती हैं
ओ सनम मोहब्बत की कसम
मिलके बिछड़ना तो दस्तूर हो गया
यादों में तेरी मैं जो दूर हो गया
ओ सनम तेरी यादों की कसम

समझे ज़माना के दिल है खिलौना
जाना है अब क्या है दिल का लगाना
नज़रों से ना यूँ हमको गिराना
मर भी गए तो भूल न जाना
आँखों में बसी हो पर दूर हो कहीं
दिल के करीब हो ये मुझको है यकीं
ओ सनम तेरे प्यार की कसम
Album: Suno / सुनो (1996)
Lyrics : Syed Aslam Noor / स्येद असलम नूर
Shaam Savere Teri Yaadein Aati Hai 
Aa Ke Dil Ko Mere Yun Tadpaati Hai
O Sanam Mohabbat Ki Kasam
Milke Bichadna To Dastoor Ho Gaya
Yaadhon Mein Teri Main Jo Door Ho Gaya
O Sanam Teri Yaadon Ki Kasam
(You fill my memory dawn and dusk, You make my heart suffer this way
Meeting and separating has become like a usual practice
I have must have grown distant in your memory
O darling .. for the sake of your memories)

Samjhe Zama Ke Dil Hai Khilona
Jaana Hai Ab Kya Hai Dil Ka Lagana
Nazron Se Na Yun Humko Girana
Mar Bhi Gaye To Bhool Na Jaana
Aankhon Mein Basi Ho Par Door Ho Kahin
Dil Ke Kareeb Ho Yeh Mujhko Hai Yakeen
O Sanam Ter Pyaar Ki Kasam
(The world thinks that the heart is a toy
I have learnt what the heart really is
Please don’t see me as a lower
It seems your right in my eyes, But I know you are some place far
Yet you are close my heart, That I am sure about
O darling... For the sake of love..)
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