Blue - One Love | Album - One Love (2002)

Its from the 2nd studio album ONE LOVE (2002) by Blue. The Bollywood movie, Rakht, featured a version of this song partly in Hindi. This is the most famous song by the band and kind of identity of them. They have also made a version in which they invited singers from all over the world and sings LOVE in various languages around the world to give message of unity in diversity and all we need is love.

It's kinda funny how life can change
Can flip 180 in a matter of days
Sometimes love works in mysterious ways
One day you wake up gone without a trace

I refused to give up
I refused to give in
You're my everything
I don't wanna give up
I don't wanna give in, oh no
Everybody sings

One love - for the mother's pride
One love - for the times we cried
One love - gotta stay alive
I will survive
One love - for the city streets
One love - for the hip-hop beats
One love, Oh I do believe
One love is all we need

Late at night I'm still wide awake
Feel this is far more than I can take
I thought my heart could never break
Now I know that's one big mistake

Baby, just love me love me love me
Baby, just hold me hold me hold me
Oh, love me love me love me, Oooh

Here is the special edition of the song with various artists.

And here is the Hindi version from Movie RAKHT sung by SHAAN and performed by Abhishek Bachchan & Bipasha Basu.

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