Howrah Bridge (1958) : Aaiye Meherbaan | आइये मेहरबाँ | Asha Bhosle

This is called some thing ever green..One of the most sensuous songs of bollywood. Item song is about expression and music not about skin show. Madhubala's expression in this song is amazing. I especially like the moment when she goes over to Ashok Kumar, then looks at the other guy with a teasing look....takes the cigarette and meshes it in the tray....the cigarette being symbolic of the other guy who is burning of jealousy and then she intends to destroy the guy like she did with the cigarette.

आइये मेहरबाँ, बैठिये जाने-जाँ
शौक़ से लीजिये जी, इश्क की इम्तहाँ

कैसे हो तुम नौजवाँ, इतने हसीं मेहमाँ 
कैसे करूँ मैं बयाँ, दिल की नहीं है ज़ुबाँ
आइये मेहरबाँ...

देखा मचल के जिधर, बिजली गिरा दी उधर
किसका जला आशियाँ, बिजली को ये क्या खबर
आइये मेहरबाँ...
Movie/Album: हावड़ा ब्रिज (1958)
Music : O.P Nayyar / ओ.पी.नैय्यर
Lyrics : Qamar Jalalabadi / कमर जलालाबादी
Singer : Asha Bhosle / आशा भोसले
Performed By : Madhubala & Ashok Kumar / मधुबाला, अशोक कुमार 
Aaiye Meharbaan, Baithiye Jane-e-Jaa
Shauk Se Lijiye ji, Ishq ke Imtihaan
(Come O kind one! Sit down O lovely one
With pleasure, take the test of love)

Kaise Ho Tum Naujawan, Itne Hanseen Mehmaa
Kaise Karu Main Bayaan, Dil Ki Nahi Hai Jubaan
Aaiye Meharbaan...
(What a young man You are! What a handsome guest You are
How should I express myself, this heart doesn't have a tongue
Come O kind one!...)

Dekha Machal Ke Jidhar, Bijlee Gira Di Udhar
Kiska Jala Aashiyaa, Bijlee Ko Ye Kya Khabar
Aaiye Meharbaan...
(Where You threw a gaze after twisting, a lightining bolt struck there
What does the lightining know or care about whose home got burnt
Come O kind one! ...)
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