Lucky Ali - Dekha Hai Aise Bhi | देखा है ऐसे भी | Album - Sifar (1998)

Such sculpted tracks, such aesthetic visuals, such crystal lyrics. Its so clean and still so green, still no one compares... these songs make me miss my childhood years most.. Whenever i returned to this song in all these years it always make little more sense than the last time..thats the beauty of the song. Lucky Ali was ahead of his times. It would take crappy bollywood another 100 years to perhaps comprehend the genius of his music. This song hits straight to one's soul , simple and deceptive lyrics , equally mind boggling video and a melody from heaven.

This video was directed by Mahesh Mathai. This video was shot on the legendary Route 66 of the American highway in Arizona. The video features Lucky as a traveler searching for his inner self and asking questions about his existence.
In this song lucky ali is a nomadic person (As lucky ali is nomad at heart in his real life). He is messenger of love. He leaves his place for the search of love (pyaar ko hi manate chaley jana). He believes in keep walking and loves to go on and just wants to spare love everywhere (koi kehta hai ki ghar aa gaya hai, aarzoo bhi arz hai badhatey jana). 

Lucky moves on for the search of love and peace. One day he meets a lady. She reminds him that he is back, he has been there before. He lost in memory of last journey in same place. He took bus, walked on; on the way he met a lady. She was treated like prisoner by her owner a old cruel women. She felt good because of freedom and liberty lucky had. Suddenly few cowboys started fighting there; he failed to understand why people do so? (hastey hasaatey yun subko manaate hum jaayenge, barson ki doori ko mil kar hum saath mitaayenge). 

She started realizing that there is more to live. She ran away from her poor past for good. On the way lucky saw her when he was travelling on the bus. She was waving her hand and saying bye to him. (dil ke jharokho mein ab bhi mohabbat ke saaye hai reh jaye jo baad mein hamare woh Vafaye hai)

So, here is the lyrics and video of song. Enjoy the song and share your views in comment box. Thanks!

You are'v been before... Haven't you?

घर को मैं निकला, तन्हां अकेला
साथ मेरे कौन है, यार है मेरा
जो भी करना था, कर आ गया मैं
प्यार को ही मानते, चलते जाना
देखा है ऐसे भी, किसी को ऐसे ही
अपने भी दिल में बसाये हुए कुछ इरादे हैं
दिल के किसी कोने में भी कुछ ऐसे ही वादे हैं
इनको लिए जब हम चले, नज़ारे भी हमसे मिले

देखा है ऐसे भी, किसी को ऐसे ही
हँसते हँसाते यूँ सब को मनाते हम जायेंगे
बरसों की दूरी को मिलके हम साथ मिटायेंगे
प्यार रहे उनके लिए, जो ढूंढे वो उनको मिले

थोड़ा सा गरज है, थोड़ी सी समझ है
चाहतों के दायरे में इतना फ़रज़ है
कोई कहता है, कि घर आ गया है
आरज़ू भी अर्ज़ है, बढ़ते जाना
देखा है ऐसे भी, किसी को ऐसे ही
दिल के झरोखों में अब भी मोहब्बत के साये हैं
रह जाएँ जो बाद में भी हमारे वो पाए हैं
इनके लिए अब तक चलें, हज़ारों में हम भी मिले

Movie/Album: Sifar (1998) / सिफर 
Lyrics : Syed Aslam Noor / स्येद असलम नूर
You are'v been before... Hav'nt you?

Ghar Ko Main Nikla, Tanha Akela,
Saath Mere Kaun Hai, Yaar Bhi Mera,
Jo Bhi Karna Tha, Kar Aa Gaya Main.
Pyaar Ko Hi Maan Ke, Chalte Jaana...Ho..
(I left for my house, alone
Only my friend is with me on this journey
I did what i had to
My belief in love is helping my journey) 

Dekha Hai Aise Bhi, Kahin To Aise Hi,
Apne Bhi Dil Mein Basaye Hue, Kuch Iraade Hain,
Dil Ke Kisi Kone Bhi Kuch, Aise Hi Vaade Hain
Inko Liye Jab Hum Chale, Najare Bhi Humse Mile..Ho...
 (I just saw someone just like that
I have some determinations housed in my heart
There are some untouched promises in some corner of the heart
When i set out to get / chase those dreams, even nature (nature here roughly means anything or everything, your eyes saw and cannot forget) is with me)

Dekha Hai Aise Bhi, Kisi Ko Aise Hi,
Haste Hasate Yun Sabko Manate, Hum Jaayeinge,
Barso Ki Doori Ko, Mil Ke Hum Saath Mitayenge
Pyar Rahe Unke Liye, Jo Dhoonde Wo Unko Mile...Ho...
(I just saw someone just like that 
I will continue my journey, making everyone around me smile
We shall overcome years of our separation together
Love stays with those who believe in it & is found by people who search or look for it) 

Thoda Sa Garaj Hai, Thodi Si Samajh Hai,
Chahto Ke Daayre Mein, Rukna Faraz Hai,
Koi Kehta Hai, Ke Ghar Aa Gaya Hai,
Aarzoo Bhi Arz Hai, Badhte Jaana....
(I can be a thunder and be mellow at times with little understanding
In the mirrors of love, is my honesty
Someone's telling me, I reached my house (house here means his love)
My desires are my prayers and I need to keep moving on)

Dekha Hai Aise Bhi, Kisi Ko Aise Hi,
Dil Ke Jhrokho Mein, Ab Bhi Mohabbta Ke Saaye Hain,
Reh Jaayen Jo Baad Mein Bhi Hamare, Vafaye Hain,
Inke Liye Ab Tak Chale, Hazaron Mein Hum Bhi Mile,
Dekha Hai Aise Bhi, Kisi Ko Aise Hi…
(I just saw someone just like that
Glimpses of shadows of my love are still in my heart's window
My loyalty / promises for her will remain even after my departure / death
I would be one among the million who dreamt and search for the same)
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