A.R. Rahman - Maa Tujhe Salaam | माँ तुझे सलाम | Album - Vande Mataram (1997)

This album was released on the Golden Jubilee anniversary of India's independence and has been instrumental in instilling a sense of patriotic pride and national unity amongst the people of India.  It is the largest selling Indian non-film album to date.

A critical and commercial hit, the title song from the album is one of India's most popular songs of all time. Sung by Rahman himself, the song has come to represent a feeling of patriotic unity for India and has been performed or played at several national and regional events in the country. The popularity of the song was such that in 2002, when BBC World Service conducted an international poll to choose the ten most famous songs of all time from around 7000 songs selected from all over the world, "Maa Tujhe Salaam" was voted second. The track also holds two Guinness World Records for being the song performed in the most number of languages. Indian singer Sai "Psychuck" Manapragada performed the track in 265 different languages (individually) and again in 277 languages (with chorus) to achieve this feat twice. Rahman was also issued an Guinness World Record certificate for being the composer of the original song which was ceremoniously presented to Rahman after his concert in Oakland, CA, USA on September 12, 2010. (Source:Wiki)

वन्दे मातरम...वन्दे मातरम...वन्दे मातरम
यहाँ-वहां सारा जहाँ देख लिया है
कहीं भी तेरे जैसा कोई नहीं है
अस्सी नहीं, सौ दिन दुनिया घूमा है
नहीं कहीं तेरे जैसा कोई नहीं
मैं गया जहाँ भी
बस तेरी याद थी
जो मेरे साथ थी
मुझको तड़पाती, रुलाती
सबसे प्यारी तेरी सूरत
प्यार है बस तेरा, प्यार ही
माँ तुझे सलाम
वन्दे मातरम...वन्दे मातरम...वन्दे मातरम

जहां तू है वहां मैं, तेरा हूँ दीवाना मैं
झूमूं, नाचूं, गाऊँ तेरे प्यार का तराना मैं
चंदा नहीं, सूरज नहीं, दुनिया की दौलत नहीं
बस लूटूँगा तेरे प्यार का खजाना
इक नज़र जब तेरी, होती है प्यार की
दुनिया तब तो मेरी चमके-दमके-महके रे
तेरा चेहरा सूरज जैसा चाँद सी ठण्ड है प्यार में
वन्दे मातरम...वन्दे मातरम...वन्दे मातरम

तेरे पास ही मैं आ रहा हूँ
अपनी बाहें खोल दे
ज़ोर से मुझको गले लगा ले
मुझको फिर वो प्यार दे
तू ही जिंदगी है
तू ही मेरी मोहब्बत है
तेरे ही पैरों में जन्नत है
तू ही दिल, तू जां, अम्मा
माँ तुझे सलाम
वन्दे मातरम...वन्दे मातरम...वन्दे मातरम
Album : Vande Mataram (1997) / वन्दे मातरम 
Vande Matram…Vande Matram…Vande Matram
Yahan Wahan Sara Jahan Dekh Liya Hai 
Kahin Bhi Tere Jaisa Koi Nahi Hai 
Assi Nahi, Sau Din Duniya Ghooma Hai
Nahi Kahin Tere Jaisa Koi Nahi
Main Gaya Jahan Bhi
Bas Teri Yaad Thi
Jo Mere Saath Thi
Mujhko Tadpati, Rulati
Sabse Pyaari Teri Soorat
Pyaar Hai Bas Tera, Pyaar Hi
Maa Tujhe Salaam
Vande Matram…Vande Matram…Vande Matram
( My respect to Mother India
here and there, i have seen the entire world
but, there is no one anywhere like you
i have travelled across the world, not for eighty, but for a hundred days
no one anywhere, like you no one is there
wherever i went, only your memories were there
that had accompanied me, torturing me, making me weep
your face is the loveliest of them all, your affection is the only love
oh mother! i salute to you
My respect to Mother India...)

Jahan Tu Hai Wahan Main, Tera Hoon Deewana Main
Jhoomoo, Naanchu, Gaau, Tere Pyaar Ka Tarana Main
Chanda Nahi, Sooraj Nahi, Duniya Ki Daulat Nahi
Bas Lootuga Tere Pyaar Ka Khajana 
Ek Nazar Jab Teri, Hoti Hai Pyaar Ki
Duniya Tab To Meri Chamke Damke Mehke Re
Tera Chehra Sooraj Jaisa Chaand Sit Hand Hai Pyaar Mein
Vande Matram…Vande Matram…Vande Matram
wherever you are, i am there, i am mad after you
 i swing, i dance, i sing, the song of your love
i don't want the moon, nor the sun, nor the wealth of this world
i will only loot the treasure of your love
one glance of yours, you cast on me, filled with love
then my world shines, glitters, smells
you face is like the sun, the coolness of the moon is in your love
My respect to Mother India...)

Tere Paas Hi Main Aa Raha Hoon
Apni Bahein Khol De
Zor Se Mujhko Gale Laga Le
Mujhko Phir Woh Pyaar De
Tu Hi Zindgi Hai
Tu Hi Meri Mohabbat Hai
Tere Hi Pairon Mein Jannat Hai
Tu Hi Dil, Tu Jaan, Amma
Maa Tujhe Salaam
Vande Matram…Vande Matram…Vande Matram
( I am coming to you only
Please open up your arms
Hug me tightly
and give me that love of yours
you are my life
you are the love of my life
I find heaven at your feet
You are my heart as well as the soul
My repect to Mother India)
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