Travis - Side | Album - The Invisible Band (2001)

This particular song from Travis is one of my most favourite song for its positive feel and philosophical lyrics. The UFO theme of video added more beauty to the song and work of guitar and drums in this song is just lovely. Released in 2001 but still one of my most favourite song.

Yeh Ishq Nahin Asaan (1984) - Mere Khayalon Ki Rehguzar Se | मेरे ख़यालो की रहगुज़र से | Anwar Hussain

If you hearing this song for the first time you might think it sung by Mohd Rafi Saab but its voice of Anwar Hussain who was classically trained by Ustaad Abdul Rehman Khan, who also produced legendary singer Mahendra Kapoor. Mohammad Rafi was very impressed by Anwar that he descrived him as the one singer who could take his place after him.

Happy New Year (2014) - Manwa Laage | मनवा लागे | Shreya Ghoshal | Arijit Singh

Farah Khan, the director of this film tweet about the recording about this song in 2012 and it was the first song +Arijit Singh recorded for +Shah Rukh Khan but later "Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari" became his first released song for SRK. +Shreya Ghoshal sung it very beautifully on melodious tunes of duo Vishal - Shekhar. 

Oasis - Wonderwall | Album - (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

This song was written by Noel Gallagher who is the main guitarist of Oasis band. According to Gallagher, "Wonderwall" describes "an imaginary friend who's gonna come and save you from yourself". What's the Story went on to become the second best selling album of 1995 and 1996 in the UK, as well being the best selling album of the decade.

Linkin Park - In The End | Album - Hybrid Theory (2000)

This amazing song is considered to be one of Linkin Park's most recognizable and signature songs. The song is Billboard's second most played rock song of the decade.

Chirag (1969) - Teri Aankhon Ke Siva Duniya Mein Rakha Kya Hai | तेरी आँखों के सिवा दुनिया में रखा क्या है | Female Version | Lata Mangeshkar

This is the female version of the song in voice of legendary Lata Mangeshkar. Only last two lines are different from the Male version sung by Mohammad Rafi sahab. Music of Madan Mohan is just mesmerising. 

Indian Ocean - Kandisa | Album - Kandisa (2000)

This amazing music track is from 2nd album of Indian Ocean KANDISA (2000). The album's title, and the song Kandisa is in Aramaic-East Syriac which is used in the liturgy of the Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala. Aramaic which is a very old language. The translation is as below for the original prayer: 

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You | The Bodyguard (1992)

This song orginally by Dolly Parton who released this song in the year 1974 in her album Jolene. Later, in the year 1992, Whitney Houston recorded a version of this song for the film The Bodyguard. It has since become one of the best selling singles of all time.

Hamraaz (1967) - Tum Agar Saath Dene Ka Waada Karo | तुम अगर साथ देने का वादा करो | Mahendra Kapoor

This is a melodious song with flute, Santoor and Sitar interludes; one of Music Director Ravi's best work. Melodious voice of Mahendra Kapoor is just perfect for the song and poetry by Sahir Ludhianvi is just out of this world. Some of you might don't know that this actress Vimi in this movie was the daughter-in-law of music director Ravi. Later on, she separated from her husband and started living with a small time producer but her film career didn't picked up. She turned alcoholic soon and died in 1977.

Jagjit Singh - Tum Nahin Gham Nahin | तुम नहीं गम नहीं | Album - A Journey (2000)

Dil se behtar koi kitaab nahin: How true it is when one wants to understand the essence of all that matters in the end, ,i.e., our humanity! Ultimately, we have to listen to our own refined conscience, not scriptures and priests. Every couplet in this ghazal is worth a pot of gold and it shimmers because of JS's even more golden voice.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) | Album - Stadium Arcadium (2006)

This song was got instant fame and was a huge hit for Red Hot Chili Peppers. When asked about the song Lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis  said that "This song is about surviving, starting fresh. I've made a mess of everything, but I have a blank slate—a canvas of snow—and I get to start over." 

Highway (2014 - Wanna Mash Up | Kash | Krissy | Suvi Suresh

To be honest I was awestruck when I first heard this song in movie, I thought it might be compose by some foreign artist. But, when I have done some Google search and I came to know that this amazing music piece is created by none other than Music director of the movie A.R.Rahman. I mean who else can create such amazing party song with international standards. Although, in movie this song comes only for 2 minutes in which Alia Bhatt has given some awesome expression and the guy who danced with her is hilarious with his punjabi bhangra steps. Overall, amazing beats to tap feet whenever you like.

Kudrat (1981) - Humein Tumse Pyar Kitna | हमें तुम से प्यार कितना | Parveen Sultana

Did you know that Kishore Da was also nominated for Best Male Playback Singer for rendering this song for Male Version but he couldn't managed to won Filmfare Award but Parveen Sultana won the award in female category. This classic touch by maestro R. D. Burman makes this song immortal.

Namak Halaal (1982) - Raat Baaki Baat Baaki | रात बाकी बात बाकी | Asha Bhosle | Bappi Lahiri

When I first heard this song I though it is composition by R. D. Burman, but late on I come to knowledge that this composition by Bappi Da, A perfect song for evening to lighten the mood. The gorgeous Parveen Babi performed it effortlessly. Amazing song. 

Travis - Flowers In The Window | Album - The Invisible Band (2002)

Imagine you land up in a village with full of women who all are pregnent !! This amazing song with the amazing video is marvellous by Travis. Since he's not credited, many don't know that Paul McCartney wrote this song.  He was on Later..with Jools Holland and so was Travis.  Paul liked their music ans asked what they were working on.  This was an unfinished song.  Paul sat down with them and co-wrote the song!

Atif Aslam - Gulaabi Aankhe Jo Teri Dekhi | गुलाबी आँखें जो तेरी देखी | Unplugged

Every singer love to sings old songs, and some of them even made album to show their passion for old songs, but its very rare we find unplugged version of old song in new style. This unplugged version of classic song by Rafi saab has sung by Atif Aslam. Enjoy the song and share your views in comments. Thanks!

Chitralekha (1964) - Mann Re Tu Kaahe Na Dheer Dhare | मन रे तू काहे ना धीर धरे | Mohd.Rafi

This movie was based on a 1934 novel of the same name by Bhagwati Charan Verma. It was the remake of movie with the same name from 1941 directed by the same director Kidar Sharma. This movie is still in memories of movie lovers just because of this amazing song. For your information, this song's first two lines are inspired by the couplets by Tulsidas Ji who wrote most famous Indian Mythology RAMAYAN. Lines of couplets goes like this 

Guide (1965) - Din Dhal Jaye Raat Na Jaye | दिन ढल जाए रात ना जाय | Mohammad Rafi

This amazing amazing amazing song is from one of the masterpiece of Bollywood movies GUIDE (1965), Mohammad Rafi pulled off such song like this with such class & emotion. Music of S. D. Burman is timeless and what should I say about the lyrics of this song, lyrics are just the soul of this song and when you watch the movie you will realize how beautifully Shailendra sync those lyrics with the story of the movie. For your information this movie is based on novel by R. K. Narayan.

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars | Album - Eyes Open (2006)

This amazing song was nominated for Best Rock Song for Grammy Awards in 2007. In 2009, the PPL announced "Chasing Cars" was the most widely played song of the decade in the UK.

Nirvana - Come As You Are | Album - Nevermind (1992)

This amazing song has been written by Kurt Cobain who is also the main Vocalist of the band. Wary of the similarity between the main riff of "Come as You Are" and English post-punk band Killing Joke's 1984 single "Eighties", Nirvana and its management were unsure about releasing the song. 

Mary Kom (2014) - Sukoon Mila | सुकून मिला | Arijit Singh

This song is from movie based on 5 times world champion Indian Boxer Mary Kom. Priyanka Chopra has done fabulous job in the movie as portraying Mary Kom. This song comes in movie when she find the love of her life. Voice to this song has been given by melodious singer Arijit Singh and composer is Shivam.

Gharonda (1977) - Ek Akela Is Sheher Mein | एक अकेला इस शहर में | Bhupinder Singh

When everyone give their best - singer, musician, poet, actor - you get a gem like this. Aab-o-dana. Aab means water, Dana means food. So in general we can say Aab-o-dana means dana-pani. Aab can be understood from Punjab which means Water of five rivers- Jhelum, Chenab, Rabi, Sutluj & Beas. 

Indian Ocean - Desert Rain | Album - Desert Rain (1997)

How many amazing song you have listened with only 2 lines as lyrics? ..very rare..this amazing song by Indian Ocean from their 1997 album Desert Rain which is with a folk touch from Rajasthan state of India. Mind blowling music !!

The Beatles - Baby It's You | Album - Please Please Me (1963)

This smash hit of Beatles originally composed by the band The Shirelles in 1961. Beatles recorded it again in 1963 and made it more famous. Later, in 1969 band called Smith made an another version of the song and took it to the number five on the US charts in 1969. You can check both the vesion below.

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends | Album - American Idiot (2005)

This song deals with the death of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong's father, who died when Armstrong was a child. He was so devastated with his father death that he locked himself in a room and asked her mother to wake him up when September will end. This one among the most successful track of the band.

Mere Humdam Mere Dost (1968) - Chhalkaaye Jaam | छलकाए जाम | Mohammad Rafi

This is one of the iconic drunkard song of Bollywood, where Dharmendra and his colleagues are drunk, and Sharmila Tagore, the only lady and only sober person in the gathering, is naturally uncomfortable.

Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel | Album - Bad (1987)

Don't wanna say much about the song. I enjoy it every time I listen it. It was released in 1987 and I still found it fresh. And don't forget to watch the Live performance of +Michael Jackson  with +Britney Spears on this song ;)

Jagjit Singh - Ek Puarana Mausam Lauta Yaad Bhari Purwayi Bhi | एक पुराना मौसम लौटा याद भरी पुरवाई भी | Album - Marasim (1999)

Sometimes, when the time stands still and the mind remembers the moments which can never come back and laughter that has faded into yesterday.   The silent moments dissolve into delicate memories which shine like gems in your heart.


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