Travis - Flowers In The Window | Album - The Invisible Band (2002)

Imagine you land up in a village with full of women who all are pregnent !! This amazing song with the amazing video is marvellous by Travis. Since he's not credited, many don't know that Paul McCartney wrote this song.  He was on Later..with Jools Holland and so was Travis.  Paul liked their music ans asked what they were working on.  This was an unfinished song.  Paul sat down with them and co-wrote the song!

When i first held i was cold
a melting snowman i was told
but there was no one there to hold 
before i swore that i would be alone for ever more

Wow look at you now
flowers in the window
it's such a lovely day
and i'm glad you feel the same
cos to stand up
out in the crowd
you are one in a million
and i love you so let's watch the flowers grow

There is no reason to feel bad
but there are many seasons to feel sad glad mad
it's just a bunch of feelings that we have to hold
but i am here to help you with the load
wow look at you now...

So now we're here and now is fine
so far away from there and there is time time time
to plant new seeds and watch them grow 
so there'll be flowers in the window when we go
wow look at us now....
Album : The Invisible Band (2002)
Artist : Travis
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