Dor (2006) - Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke | ये हौंसला कैसे झुके | Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

This amazing and motivational song is from beautiful movie Dor which was released in 2006. Lyrics by Mir Ali Hussain amazingly synced with the story of this movie and music by Salim Suleman made this song a memorable one. Not to mention soulful voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan is the reason for popularity of this song because each line of this song he recite with convincing feelings.

ये हौंसला कैसे झुके,
ये आरज़ू कैसे रुके
मंजिल मुश्किल तो क्या
धुंधला साहिल तो क्या
तनहा ये दिल तो क्या

राह पे कांटे बिखरे अगर
उसपे तो फिर भी चलना ही है
शाम छुपाले सूरज मगर
रात को एक दिन ढलना ही है
रुत ये टल जाएगी
हिम्मत रंग लाएगी
सुबह फिर आएगी

होगी हमें जो रहमत अदा
धुप कटेगी साये तले
अपनी खुदा से है ये दुआ
मंजिल लगा ले हमको गले
जुर्रत सौ बार रहे
ऊँचा इकरार रहे,
जिंदा हर प्यार रहे

रिश्ते भरोसे चाहत यकीन
उन सबका दामन अब चाक है
समझे थे हाथों में है ज़मीन
मुट्ठी जो खोली बस ख़ाक है
दिल में ये शोर है क्यों
ईमान कमज़ोर है क्यों
नाज़ुक ये डोर है क्यों?

Movie : Dor / डोर (2006)
Lyrics : Mir Ali Hussain  / मीर अली हुसैन
Performed By : Ayesha Takia, Gul Panag
Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke
Manzil Mushkil To Kya
Dhundhla Saahil To Kya
Tanha Yeh Dil To Kya
(This courage will not bend
this desire will not stop
No matter if the destination is difficult to find
No matter if the shore does not seem clearly
No matter is the heart is lonely)

Raah Pe Kaante Bikhre Agar
Us Pe To Phir Bhi Chalna Hi Hai 
Shaam Chupa Le Sooraj Magar
Raat Ko Ek Din Dhalna Hi Hai 
Rut Yeh Tal Jayegi
Himmat Rang Layegi
Subah Phir Aayegi
(Even if the road is filled with troubles
We still have to walks on it
Even if the evening hides the sun of happiness
The night of grief will definitely pass away
This season of grief will change
Determination will overcome all troubles
There will be a new dawn)

Hogi Hume Jo Rahmat Adaa
Dhoop Kategi Saaye Tale
Apni Khuda Se Hai Yeh Duaa
Manzil Laga Le Humko Gale
Zurrat Sau Baar Rahe
Uncha Ikraar Rahe
Zinda Har Pyaar Rahe
(If the kindness will be shown to us
We shall receive sunlight even in shade
I only pray to God that
Our destination should hug us
May the courage remain in every troubles
May the promise be fulfilled
May the love live long)

Rishtey Bharose Chahat Yakeen
Un Sabka Daaman Ab Chaak Hai 
Samjhe The Hathon Mein Hai Zameen
Mutthi Jo Kholi Bas Khaak Hai 
Dil Mein Yeh Shor Hai Kyon
Imaan Kamzor Hai Kyon
Nazuk Yeh Dor Hai Kyon?
(Relationships, faith, love and confidence
All these things are injured now
I used to think that I have some land
but when I opened my fist there is nothing
Why this noise in my heart?
Why my faith is not so strong?
Why this thread is so weak?)

Here is the full song with Compilation of All Tracks 

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