Fuzon - Aankhon Ke Sagar | आंखों के सागर | Shafqat Amanat Ali

This amazing track is one of my favourite. This band was formed in the year 2001 and the lead vocalist Shafqat Amanat Ali describe this band as a fusion of Pakistani classical music and modern rock music. Later on, Shafqat had to leave the band to concentrate more on his solo projects. He was replaced by Rameez Mukhtar.

आंखों के सागर, होटों के सागर
ले डूबे हमें, ले डूबे हमें

पलकों को ऐसे, पलकों से छू ले
के जब दिल मिले, तो मंजिल मिले
तुम भी ना भूले, हम भी ना भूले
के जब दिल मिले, तो मंजिल मिले

तड़पना मेरा, हँसना तेरा
नींदें मेरी, सपना तेरा

सभी दूरियां, वो मजबूरियाँ
भुला दो उन्हें, के मैं हूँ यहाँ

Album/Movie : मेरे वजूद (2003)
Aankhon Ke Sagar, Hontho Ke Sagar
Le Doobe Hume, Le Doobe Hume
(Those oceans of eyes and those oceans of her lips
made me sink, made me sink)

Palkon Ko Aise, Palkon Se Chhoo Le
Ke Jab Dil Mile, To Manzil Mile
Tum Bhi Na Bhulo, Hum Bhi Na Bhule
Ke Jab Dil Mile, To Manzil Mile
(Touch my eyelids with your eyelids like this
that when our hearts will meet, we will find our destination
Neither you forget nor me
that when our hearts will meet, we will find our destination)

Tadapna Mera, Hansna Tera
Neendein Meri, Sapna Tera
( That pain of mine and smile of yours
Those sleeps of mine and dream of yours)

Sabhi Dooriya, Woh Majbooriya
Bhula Do Unhe, Ke Main Hoon Yahan
( All our distances, Those our boundations
Please forget them now, because now i'm here)
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