Anand (1971) - Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli | ज़िन्दगी कैसी है पहेली | Manna Dey

Remember “Lymphosarcoma of the intestine”?? This film and song is remarkably some of the best work of Bollywood over these years. When Rajesh Khanna says “Babumoshai, Zindgi Badi Honi Chahiye, Lambi Nahin” he just not amazed Amitabh Bachchan by saying that but also made audience to think about the LIFE. 

While other gorgeous songs of Anand such as “Kahin Door Jab Din” are sung by the gentle Mukesh, Manna Dey was chosen for “Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli.” Known better for his masterful Hindustani classical numbers of the 1960s, Manna Dey’s film career began to falter with the rise of Kishore Kumar’s heroic romantic vocals. But his popularity revived in the 70s with Anand when Rajesh Khanna himself asked music director Salil Chaudhary for a chance to lip-sync a Manna Dey song. As Manna Dey recalled in a 2012 interview, “I loved the way he [Rajesh Khanna] picturised music. The success of a song depends upon how an actor picturises it. He was the number one in picturising songs. I will ever be indebted to him.”

ज़िन्दगी कैसी है पहेली हाय

कभी तो हँसाए, कभी ये रुलाये

कभी देखो मन नहीं जागे, 
पीछे-पीछे सपनों के भागे

एक दिन सपनों का राही, 
चला जाये सपनो के आगे कहाँ
ज़िन्दगी कैसी है पहेली...

जिन्होंने सजाये यहाँ मेले, 
सुख-दुःख संग-संग झेले

वही चुनकर खामोशी, 
यूँ चले जाएँ अकेले कहाँ
ज़िन्दगी कैसी है पहेली...


Singer : Manna Dey 
Performed By: Rajesh Khanna
Zindgi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haye
Kabhi Toh Hasaye, Kabhi Yeh Rulaye
(What is life, Life is like a puzzle
Which sometimes makes us smile which sometimes makes us cry)

Kabhi Dekho Mann Nahin Jage 
Pichhe Pichhe Sapno Ke Bhage
Ek Din Sapno Kaa Rahi 
Chala Jaye Sapno Ke Aage Kahin
Zindgi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haye…
(Sometimes heart, soul keeps dreaming, do not wake up
Which keeps following the dreams
One day this traveler of dreams
Go away beyond the dreams where does the dreamer go
What is life, Life is like a puzzle …)

Jinhone Sajaye Yaha Mele,  
Sukh Dukh Sang Sang Jhele
Wohi Chunkar Khamoshi , 
Yun Chale Jaye Akele Kahan
Zindgi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haye…
(The people who organized parties here
who faced, shared happy times as well as sad moments together
Those same people quietly without telling any one
Where does those people go away alone (talking about death)
What is life, Life is like a puzzle …)
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