Lagaan (2001) - O Paalanhaare | ओ पालनहारे | Lata Mangeshkar | Udit Narayan | Sadhana Sargam

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

This soulful prayer song is from milestone movie of Indian cinema Lagaan (2001). Javed Akhtar has written lyrics for this prayer and legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan & Sadhna Sargam has made this prayer unforgettable. Music of A.R.Rahman is BEST as always.

ओ पालनहारे, निर्गुण और न्यारे, तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाही
हमरी उलझन, सुलझाओ भगवन, तुमरे बिन...
तुम्ही हमका हो संभाले, तुम्ही हमरे रखवाले
तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाही...

चन्दा में तुम्ही तो भरे हो चांदनी, सूरज में उजाला तुम्ही से
ये गगन है मगन, तुम्ही तो दिए हो इसे तारे
भगवन, ये जीवन, तुम्ही ना संवारोगे
तो क्या कोई सँवारे...ओ पालनहारे...

जो सुनो तो कहे, प्रभुजी हमरी है बिनती
दुखी जन को, धीरज दो, हारे नहीं वो कभी दुखसे
तुम निर्बल को रक्षा दो, रह पाएं निर्बल सुख से
भक्ति को, शक्ति दो, 
जग के जो स्वामी हो, इतनी तो अरज सुनो, 
है पथ में अंधियारे, दे दो वरदान में उजियारे, 
ओ पालनहारे....

Movie : Lagaan (2001) / लगान
Performed By : Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh
O Palanhare, Nirgun Aur Nyare, Tumare Bin Hamara Kaunon Nahee
 Hamari Uljhan Suljhao Bhagwan, Tumare Bin Hamara Kaunon Nahee
 Tumhe Hamaka Ho Sambhale, Tumhe Hamare Rakhwale
 Tumare Bin Hamara Kaunon Nahee….
 (Oh, great caretaker, beyond all words, above all things...
apart from you, we have no one and nothing.
Unravel our troubles, God!, Apart from you, we have no one and nothing
You alone sustain us, you alone protect us
Apart from you, we have no one and nothing...)

 Chanda Me Tumhi Toh Bhare Ho Chaandni, Suraj Me Ujalaa Tumhi Se
 Yeh Gagan Hai Magan, Tumhi Toh Diye Ho Isse Tare
 Bhagwan Yeh Jeevan Tumhi Naa Sanwaroge, Toh Kya Koi Sanware
 O Palanhare Nirgun Aur Nyare…
 (You have filled the moon with light, the sun's glow comes from you
This sky is splendid, because you gave to it these stars
God, if this life, weren't decorated by you, who would make it beautiful?
O, great caretaker, beyond all words, above all things..)

 Jo Suno Toh Kahe Prabhuji Hamaree Hai Binati, 
Dukhi Jan Ko Dhiraj Do, Hare Nahee Woh Kabhee Dukh Se
 Tum Nirbal Ko Raksha Do, Rah Paye Nirbal Sukh Se
 Bhakti Ko Shakti Do 
 Jag Ke Jo Swami Ho, Itani Toh Araj Suno
 Hai Path Me Andhiyare, Dedo Vardan Me Ujiyare
 O Palanhare Nirgun Aur Nyare…
(Listen, I shall tell you!, God above, I entreat you, 
give sad men courage, never let them be defeated by grief!
Grant succour to the weak, let them live always in happiness
Grant strength to your followers...
You are the lord of the universe, please just hear our request
There's such darkness on our path, bless us with brightness
O, great caretaker, beyond all words, above all things,
apart from you, we have no one and nothing...)
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