Jagjit Singh - Der Lagi Aane Mein Tumko | देर लगी आने में तुमको | Album : Memorable Concert (1981)

Jagjit Singh is known for simplifying the Ghazal to mass audience. It was no longer necessary to listen to Jagjit Singh with a dictionary in hand; there was no Majrooh-like Hum hai mataae koochao-bazaar ki tarah in his verse, leaving you bewildered as to what the hell this “mataae koochao-bazaar” was. He largely selected to sing for those who wrote simple, everyday kind of lines that painted vivid pictures in your mind.
And when he would come to Shafaq, dhanuk, mehtaab, ghataaye in his Der lagi aaney mein tumko (especially in a live performance), he would suddenly stop and explain the meaning of each word and that is how we still remember what shafaq means. Shafaq was kirney, he would say. He wasn’t just singing to you; he was communicating. So Jagjit never became a disinterested, dispassionate performer who would come, croon, collect his cash and leave; he would create a bridge that would transform your concept of a line or verse or poet or performance forever.

देर लगी आने में तुमको शुक्र है फ़िर भी आए
आस ने दिल का साथ न छोडा वैसे हम घबराए तो

शफ़क धनुक महताब घटाएं तारे नगमें बिजली फूल
उस दामन में क्या क्या कुछ है वो दामन हाथ में आए तो

झूठ है सब तारीख हमेशा अपने को दोहराती है
अच्छा मेरा ख्वाब-ऐ-जवानी थोड़ा सा दोहराए तो

सुनी सुनाई बात नहीं है अपने ऊपर बीती है
फूल निकलते हैं शोलों से चाहत आग लगाए तो

Album : Memorable Concert (1981)
Music : Jagjit Singh
Lyrics : Andleeb Shadani
Singer : Jagjit Singh
Der Lagi Aane Mein Tumko, Shukar Hai Phir Bhi Aaye To
Aas Ne Dil Ka Saath Na Chhoda, Waise Hum Ghabraye To
(Although, you took time to come, but thank God finally you arrived
The hope has not left my heart although I got worried a little)

Shafaq, Dhanuk, Mehtaab, Ghataye, Taare,  Nagme, Bijlee, Phool
Us Daaman Mein Kya Kya Kuch Hai, Woh Daman Haath Mein Aaye To
(Rays, Rainbow, Moon, Clouds, Stars, Songs, Electricity & Flowers
How many things are in her Pallu, I wish i get that Pallu in my hand)

Jhooth Hai Sab Tareekh Hamesha Apne Ko Dohrati Hai
Accha Mera Khawab-E-Jawani, Thoda Sa Dohraye To
(Its a lie that date/time repeat itself after a while
Lets repeat a little bit my dream of being young again)

Suni Sunayi Baat Nahi Hai, Apne Upar Beeti Hai
Phool Nikalte Hai Sholo Se, Chahat Aag Lagaye To
(I have not heart it anywhere, its my experience
Flower comes out from fireballs if love starts the fire)
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