Amar Prem (1971) - Yeh Kya Hua Kaise Hua | ये क्या हुआ कैसे हुआ | Kishore Kumar

The film was based on the Bengali film 'Nishipadma' (1970). Rajesh Khanna reportedly saw Nishipadma 24 times before zeroing on the role of Anand Babu ! The thought-provoking song Chingaari Koi Bhadke written by Anand Bakshi and sung by Kishore Kumar from this film, is one of the highlights of this classic. The song topped at 5th position on year-end chart toppers list Binaca Geetmala annual list 1972.
All songs of this movie are classics in my list but this song 'Yeh Kya Hua' by Kishore Kumar is one of my favourite song. Although, its a sad song but fabulous acting by Rajesh Khanna doesn't make it that way, he is smiling throughout the song enjoying his pain and trying to convey the message to MOVE ON in life.

Yeh Kya Hua Kaise Hua Hindi lyrics

ये क्या हुआ, कैसे हुआ, कब हुआ
क्यों हुआ, जब हुआ, तब हुआ
छोडो, ये ना सोचो

हम क्यों शिकवा करे झूठा
क्या हुआ जो दिल टूटा
शीशे का खिलौना था
कुछ ना कुछ तो होना था, हुआ
ये क्या हुआ...

हमने जो देखा था, सुना था
क्या बताये वो क्या था
सपना सलोना था
ख़तम तो होना था, हुआ
ये क्या हुआ...

ऐ दिल, चल पीकर झूमे
इन्ही गलियों में घूमे
यहाँ तुझे खोना था
बदनाम होना था, हुआ
ये क्या हुआ...

Director & Producer : Shakti Samanta

Yeh Kya Hua Kaise Hua English Translation & Transcript

Yeh Kya Hua, Kaise Hua, Kab Hua
Kyon Hua, Jab Hua, Tab Hua
Chhodo, Yeh Naa Socho
(what is this that happened, How this happened, when did it happen,
why did it happen, when it happened it happened
let it go don t think about what happened)

Hum Kyon Shikawa Kare Jhootha
Kya Hua Jo Dil Toota
Sheeshe Kaa Khilonaa Tha
Kuch Na Kuch To Hona Tha, Hua
(why should I do a fake complain
what to do if the heart breaks?
it was a plaything of glass 

something or other had to happen and it happened)

Humne Jo Dekhaa Tha, Suna Tha
Kya Bataye Woh Kya Tha
Sapana Salona Tha
Khatam To Hona Tha, Hua

(that which i had seen, and heard of

how can i explain what it was
it was a beautiful dream 
but it had to end it did)

Yeh Dil, Chal Peekar Jhoome
Inhi Galiyon Mein Ghoome
Yahan Tujhe Khona Tha
Badanaam Hona Tha, Hua
(lets drink to this heart and swing
lets roam these alleys
you had to get lost here
you had to become notorious and I did)
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