Teri Eger's Cover of O Sanam by Lucky Ali

Check out this cover of Lucky Ali's most famous song 'O Sanam' by Teri Eger. Lucky Ali himself shared her this video on his official facebook page with a smiley. The information we gathered online and come to know that Teri Eger is from Liberec, Czech Republic and she is a passionate music lover and she also writes songs and compose them. If you want you can check here YouTube channel here. Till the time we are writing this she got 225,261 views on her channel and after this post by Lucky Ali she is getting more subscriber on her channel as well.

We really liked the new feel and sweet touch she has given to this amazing song of Lucky Ali. As she mentioned below the video on YouTube that she is learning Hindi, but we loved that innocent pronunciation in her voice. Music My Life wishing a Good Luck to Teri Eger for her journey of Music. 

Check out the Original Song by Lucky Ali : Click Here

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