Mausam (1975) - Dil Dhoondhta Hai Phir Wahi Fursat Ke Raat Din | दिल ढूँढता है फिर वही फ़ुरसत के रात दिन | Bhupindar Singh | Lata Mangeshkar

In order to get the nectar of this song, one has to actually lead some busy life for a little bit. then the real essence and the core meaning of this poetry will not be a big deal to digest. otherwise it's not a song which will go down easily with everyone. This song of Gulzar saab is easily understandable by the migrant population who have spend time in small cities and villages and now working and living in big metro cities. The busy life of big cities gives us the nostalgia when we listen this song.  There are many versions of this song and I'm trying to post as many as I could find online. 

Kumar Sanu - Tera Mera Pyaar | तेरा मेरा प्यार | 2004

Used to listen this song like crazy when this was released. I love this video, however I have seen it many times but still I enjoy it every time I watch. Later, after success of LunchBox I realised this girl in video is Nirmat Kaur and model name is Bhanujeet. Voice of Kumar Sanu is super romantic and video of this song sync perfectly with lyrics. 

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud | Album - X (2014)

This song is written by Singer of the song Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge. The song became an instant hit for Ed Sheeran. It reached to number one position in November 2014 in UK. When you listen the song you can feel the love and that I guess is the reason for the success of this beautiful song.